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Neals' Eagle Project
For his Eagle Project, Neal planned to add landscaping stone around 4 areas of our local waterpark. People were walking across these areas and tracking wood chips into the pool. Adding a stone wall edge would fix this problem. They had a cool day to work, but everything went well and all enjoyed the experience.


The first area to be modified.

Fortunately, he had a big crew to help

Sledrace Pallets of stone to use
Was Roger working or just having fun? Sled


Preparing the ground
A lot of dirt had to be removed Sled
Sled1 The gravel had to be packed down before placing the border
The first stones placed Crash
Sled Making sure everything is level

Food and snacks are a very important part of every Eagle Project

Sledrace One almost done
The four finished areas
Sled Sled1
Crash Sled
Sled Neal shows off part ofhis finished project
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