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Thanasys' Eagle Project
Thanasy looked to community service for the inspiration of his Eagle Project. He wanted to do something that would benefit people in need. We were in the midst of a very cold winter, and he realized the number of people who did not have adequate winter clothing. His project was a Winter Clothing Drive with the clothing to be given to the Salvation Army. As his project started, he posted donation signs at his church, at a large medical clinic in town, and in a retirement community in town. He was overwhelmed by the response.


Part of his crew to sort the clothing. While he asked only for winter clothing, many other types of clothing were also donated.

The sorting process continues.


Thanasy with a few of the coats. He was pleased to have nearly 50 coats donated.

Bagging up the clothes to take to the Salvation Army.



Several vehicles were needed to transport the clothing

One vehicle partially loaded


Thanasy takes in somes clothes.

More bags go in.


Even carts were used to bring some of the heavier boxes.

In the end, many families benefitted from all of the donated clothing. The Salvation Army was very happy with all of the donations.
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