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eagle Troop 55 Leadership History

Troop 55 was chartered in 1936. Since that time, it has been honored by many leaders through the years. Each has left their mark on the Troop.

With this page we honor the leaders of the past, present and look forward to the future Leaders of Troop 55.
YearScoutmaster Committee Chair
1937A. M. Gowan F. C. Ferguson
1938A. M. Gowan F. C. Ferguson
1939M. E. Salisbury John Teter
1940M. E. Salisbury A. M. Gowan
1941Merton Salisbury Roy Shields
1942Merton Salisbury Roy Shields
1943Merton Salisbury Roy Shields
1944Merton Salisbury Roy Shields
1945.Merton Salisbury Paul Berggren
1946C. A. Paulsen Paul Berggren
1947.Gilbert Northey Paul Berggren
1948.Gilbert Northey Ralston R. Gager
1949.Don L. Titus Ralston R. Gager
1950.Don L. Titus John M. Leslie
1951.Paul A. Sandblom John M. Leslie
1951.George Laurie John M. Leslie
1952Paul A. Sandblom John M. Leslie
1953.William C. Reifsteck Ted Kiesling
1954.William C. ReifsteckA. W. Frith
1955.William C. Reifsteck E. J. Cassidy
1955.C. W. Wheeler E. J. Cassidy
1956.P. B. Harper T. R. Kelly
1957.P. B. Harper Ryan Kelly
1958.W. A. ChristiansenHenry W. Waldorf
1959.W. A. Christiansen Frank Meskimen
1960.Robert J. Hansen Henry W. Waldorf
1961.Robert J. Hansen Henry W. Waldorf
1962.Marvin Himebaugh Vernon Hanna
1963.Marvin Himebaugh Vernon Hanna
1964.Marvin Himebaugh Wilbur Christiansen
1965.George Laurie George Heine
1966.George Laurie Garth Petrie
1967.George Laurie Carl A. Randall
1968.George Laurie Carl A. Randall
1969.George Laurie Carl A. Randall
1970.Dennis Hartman David Lynch
1971.Dennis Hartman Duane Hunting
1972.Dennis Hartman Duane Hunting
1973.Dennis Hartman Duane Hunting
1974.E. J. Michel Gene C. Pfalzgraf
1975.E. J. Michel Gene C. Pfalzgraf
1976.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
1977.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
YearScoutmaster Committee Chair
1977.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
1978.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
1979.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
1980.E. J. Michel Jean Martin
1981.Wayne PurkJean Martin
1982.Wayne Purk David L. Olson
1983.Wayne Purk Ronald J. Wedeking
1984.Wayne Purk Douglas R. Kangas
1985.Wayne Purk Douglas R. Kangas
1986.Douglas R. Kangas Donald L. Duncan
1987.Douglas R. Kangas Donald L. Duncan
1988. Douglas Wetlaufer Donald L. Duncan
1989. Douglas Wetlaufer John Deegan Jr.
1990. Daryl Foelske John Deegan Jr.
1991. Daryl Foelske Karl Gilbertson
1992. Daryl Foelske Gene Mosley
1993. Daryl Foelske Gene Mosley
1994. Daryl Foelske Gene Mosley
1995. Daryl Foelske Rod Reifsteck
1996. Daryl Foelske Paul Meyerman
1997. Daryl Foelske Paul Meyerman
1998.James Buehner Paul Meyerman
1999.James Buehner Paul Meyerman
2000.James Buehner Michael Dunbar
2001.Calvin Iehl Michael Dunbar
2002.Roger YorkMichael Dunbar
2003.Roger York Marty Postel
2004.Roger York Marty Postel
2004.Dan King Gregory Harter
2005.Dan King Gregory Harter
2006.Dan King Gregory Harter
2007.Dan King Gregory Harter
2007.Alan Hemesath Gregory Harter
2008.Alan Hemesath Gregory Harter
2008.Alan Hemesath Kim Pierce
2009.Alan Hemesath Sue Debuhr
2010.Calvin Iehl Deb Iehl
2011.Calvin Iehl Deb Iehl
2012.Calvin Iehl Deb Iehl
2012.Michael Licari Jan Mord
2013.Michael Licari Jan Mord
2014.Michael Licari Gregory Harter
2015.Dave McRae Gregory Harter

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