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eagle Eagle Scouts of Troop 55

The fact that a boy is an Eagle Scout has always carried with it a special significance, not only in Scouting but also as he enters higher education, business or industry, and community service.
The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 4 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 1 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1911. Nevertheless, the goals of Scoutingócitizenship training, character development, and personal fitnessóremain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

Over the years Troop 55 has been a part of the scouting lives of many boys.

We would like to congratulate and honor the Scouts from Troop 55 that have earned the Eagle Rank.

1.Clare Preston 1939
2.Charles D Waldorf 1960
3.Bob Mauker 1960
4.Paul Lowenstein 1962
5.James M. Stoddard 1963
6.Robert C. Surby 1963
7.Richard M. Moe 1963
8.Jeffrey Rugan 1964
9.George W. Heine 1964
10.Mark J. Davis 1964
11.W. John Bunte 1965
12.Steven C. Himebaugh 1965
13.Tom J Rogers 1966
14.Robert G. Olsen 1966
15.John D. Stewart 1968
16.David N. Ritter 1968
17.Tony D. Anderson 1968
18.Randy Randall 1968
19.Clay D. Laurie 1968
20.Kenton Michel 1969
21.Kurt Michel 1970
22.Scott Davis 1971
23.Thane W. Davis 1973
24.Mark Gray 1980
25.Jon J Sutula 1980
26.Stephen N. Wilson 1983
27.Jeffrey W. Purk 1984
28.Christopher D. Kangas 1985
29.Mark R. Anderson 1985
30.Kevin J. Wetrich 1986
31.Christopher F. Koenig 1987
32.Grant G. Duncan 1988
33.Ryan Wetlaufer 1991
34.Tyler Green 1992
35.Erich Jaeger 1993
36.Josh Lupkes 1993
37.Eric M. Foelske 1993
38.Scott Koenig 1994
39.Dan Gray 1994
40.Nick Lupkes 1996
41.Mike Mosley 1996
42.Ryan Gordon 1997
43.Matt Luders 1997
44.Chris Reifsteck 1997
45.Matt Gilbertson 1997
46.Brian McCleary 1997
47.Brett Foelske 1997
48.Ryan Houts 1997
49.Aaron Kield 1997
50.Jon Reiter 1998
51.David Dorhout 1998
52.Aaron Leisinger 1998
53.Austin Budlong 1998
54.Joel Brown 1999
55.David Gilbertson 1999
56.Scott Budlong 1999
57.Nate Nicholson 1999
58.Jared Coil 1999
59.Kurt Meyermann 1999
60.Matthew Raecker 1999
61.Erik Blanchard 1999
62.Zeb Nicholson 2000
63.Greg Buehner 2000
64.Paul Boeke 2000
65.Scott Boeke 2000
66.John Paulsen 2000
67.Will Kabel 2000
68.Will Carter 2000
69.Dan Hubbard 2000
70.Jason Luders 2001
71.Matt Stephenson 2001
72.Lucas Blanchard 2001
73.Eric York 2001
74.David Lantz 2002
75.Andrew S. A. Iehl2002
76.Lucas A. Sanders 2002
77.Chad E. Heath 2002
78.Paul G. Lantz 2003
79.Alexander K. Ulfers 2004
80.Aram Z. Koltookian2004
81.Michael J. Sanders2004
82.Mark D. A. Iehl 2004
83.Benjamin K. Ulfers2005
84.Alex J. Postel2005
85.Brian J. Houts2005
86.Kyle C. Graves2006
87.Tyler B. Aalfs 2006
88.Bryce J. Duchman2006
89.Benjamin J. Pierce2006
90.Jonathan M. Lantz 2007
91.Sean Rider 2007
92.Neal deBuhr 2007
93.Daniel J. Harter 2008
94.Cory J. Elsbernd 2008
95.Nick Carlo 2008
96.Josh R. Carlo 2008
97.Christopher J. Pierce 2008
98.Benjamin H. Olson 2008
99.Dana Conrad 2008
100.Nick deBuhr 2009
101.Thanasy Telios 2009
102.Sean Hemesath 2009
103.Quinn Aalfs 2010
104.Jordan Timmerman 2010
105.Michael Ingersoll 2010
106.Carson McRae 2011
107.Steven ingersoll 2011
108.Roy Odekirk 2011
109.Alex Mord 2012
110.Caleb Iehl 2012
111.Ben Mord 2012
112.Ryan Oberreider 2012
113.Aaron Iehl 2012
114.Collin McIntyre 2014
115.Garrett Dean 2014
116.Travis McCreary 2014
117.James Bamber 2014
118.Parker Strauss 2014
119.Daniel Licari 2015
120.Adam Graves 2015
121.Andrew Mord 2016
122.Zachary Holton 2017
123.Michael Goodenbour 2017
124.Andrew Schipper 2017
125.Matthew Iehl 2000
Today I Am An Eagle

The Old Ones tell of the nest
Of the sacred bird called the Eagle

Home for her eaglets sits high,
Touching the sky.

A mother sits proud and defiant,
She has little ones who will soon leave her,
She worries;

The morning has come,
The Mysterious One's rays warm her children's faces.
Today one will fly or fall:

A flap of wings, a screech of power,
He leaps, he is gone.

His head does not look back
There is sadness behind.

He flies east his wings flapping power,
He passes his cousins of the air,


-- Howard Rainer, Taos-Creek, 1977

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